Windows 10 connection not working after restart

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If Freedome is connected when you close Windows 10, there is no internet connectivity after rebooting. The only connection that can be made is Freedome itself, after which the internet will work again through the VPN. You can then also switch the VPN back off, and everything is back to normal.


This means that if you keep both auto-start and auto-connect settings  on in freedome, there is no harm. However, if you do not want to start the computer with the VPN every time, you need to switch the VPN off before restarting. Otherwise you get no connectivity until cycling the VPN back on (and off if you want) again.


Is there a fix for this?


The connection can of course also be rectified by restarting the network adaptor and flushing DNS/DHCP. But there should not be a need to do this. Otherwise freedome is working extremely well on Windows 10, whereas on windows 7 it did not work at all.


Windows 10 anniversary latest

Killer E2200 LAN (cable)

VMG3926-B10A with NAT & static IP

VDSL2+ with dynamic public ip


  • Kep
    Kep Posts: 7 New Member

    New version fixed it. Thank you!

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