Suggestion for FS Protection Android and PC question


Everything is fine and working nicely on PC and phone so far.

I have just done my first scan on my phone  (Ancient RAZR HD w/ Android 4.4.2)   and some pUp's err.. PuA's were found which is great.


What would be nice is, if when we click on the details of the file we could also have the ability to click on the "Problems Detected" field and have it link to a site / app / etc with a description of the PUA/threat etc with some stats and or user/pro reviews/comments about the item. Severity/initial discovery/spread/% possibility of false positive sort of thing. Possibly have this toggled on by an 'advanced config' option for .. those of us who like to check things out for ourselves. Maybe even something similar to the way Web of Trust works for website safety reviews  and website owners (being able to claim their site and argue/explain/dispute ratings in order to clear their name ((If ever applicaple..)) ).


Anyway, just a thought. Thanks again for the great products. (Although it would be nice if, for Windows FS Protection Beta, one could choose to use their existing firewall rather than have the app suggest they remove their paid software in order to have FS use windows firewall. Sorry, this is a topic digression, but does this beta support using eset smart security as the firewall? or is it that I am using the smart security which includes an A/V that is responsable for FS wanting to remove it before it will install? (win 7 x64)






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    Hey, sorry. Meant to get back here sooner. Yes, it is conflicting with eset smart security. Which I'm going to finally get around to removing. I have had a great experience with FS on my other gear, prefer your VPN solution over a bunch of others that I've tried and have pretty much lost faith in eset. Anyway, thanks for the reply, I'll be back when I have something to report..Smiley Wink





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    glad to read to got around :)

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