F-Secure support cancelled my subscription when I asked for help in renewing!


I asked for assistance with product subscription renewal. They proceeded to cancel my subscription?

Now when I log in it states

Your subscription is canceled and your payment has been refunded.

SAFE is not currently protecting your devices.


We are sorry to see you go. Please tell us how we could improve the product for you.


You can improve the product by accepting my business and not cancelling my subscrioption on me!


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    That seems rather odd! Could there have been a mistake or a misunderstanding? Have you tried contacting them again through the support channels?
  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi cALEY,


    I appreciate that you have highlighted your issue with us. I have narrowed down on your case and have notified the agent on your post (to update you on the exact issue and the steps).

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