Unusual traffic when using F-secure Freedom, forced to connect to Finland

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When I connect to Paris, London and Milan (I have not tried other locations) I cannot search using Google Chrome.  I have a mesaage 'Our systems have detected unusual traffic from your computer network' and need to fill a CAPTCHA again and again, infinitely..Except if I connect to Espoo. Could you please help?


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    Hi Gerald05,


    We have had similar posts with Freedome and Google Captcha before. Please have a look at the posts here and here.

  • Gerald05
    Gerald05 Posts: 8 Explorer

    Hi Laksh,


    Thanks for your reply. None of the posts you are referring to are actually providing an answer, except stating that there is a problem using Google with Freedome. I was hoping for a solution. Being able ot use Google is kind of an important functionality, no?


    The renewal of my subscription is in less than a month and would renew it if I am not forced to use Freedome only connected to Espoo..

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