F-secure IS 2106 and Zemana anti malware: real-time protection ?




I'm using F-secure internet security already since 2 or 3 years. Some guys on a security related board recommended me to use also a second security software on my machine (W7 home premium):

Zemana Anti Malware. Here is the link to this software: 



My question is:

currently i'm running Zemana Anti Malware as an "on-demand" scanner only.

Is it recommended/safe to turn on the real-time protection of Zemana Anti Malware ?

Should i expect any conflicts/issues when running both programms in real-time mode ? 


Thanks a lot !

Greets from Germany !



  • Simon
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    Generally, you should expect conflicts from two similar programs running in real time. I can't comment specifically on Zemana, other than to say I've never heard of it, but one anti-malware product which has proven to be compatible to F-Secure, is Malwarebytes.
  • Lord_Ami
    Lord_Ami Posts: 70 Active Engager
    I've been using these products side-by-side for quite some time. Haven't noticed any conflicts.

    ZAM is considered "co-antivirus" product.
  • Ukko
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    How I can to remember... previously there was small troubles between them.

    But maybe this is was some kind of "fixed" by some of solutions.


    But anyway....  I think that certain real-time protection feature can to create just small improve-points there and much more potential troubles.


    But this is just my opinion (and as example - I also think that Malwarebytes also marked as compatible just for MBAM.  With meanings... that MBAM developers can to think that MBAM will be work with systems, where F-Secure installed.

    But I not sure that there have list of compatibility F-Secure with MBAM (like F-Secure will be certainly properly work with systems, where MBAM installed; I have some of experience with troubles between them and potentially "troubleplaces" for proper protection.. when they both installed. But this is also maybe fixed after that).

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