Banking Protection activating on regular non-banking/payment sites


Recntly my FS Banking Protection has been activating when I'm on just a regular site.  This just started happening the past couple/few days.  This had happened before a while ago.  But then stopped.  But now its happening again.  Yesterday I was in Open Office typing a letter and the Banking Protection all the sudden activated.  That was a little weird. 

Another time I was going through my email and all the sudden the Banking Protection activated.  While I was in my inbox.  I hadn't clicked on any links in any emails.  I was in the main email inbox.  But then a few minutes later I went to go into my bank account to check my activity and the Banking Protection didn't activate. But then later I was on a site that asked for banking/credit card info and it activated on that site.  So it almost seems a little random as if or when it wants to activate for sites it should and shouldn't activate for.

Again, I remember something like this happening a while ago where it would activate on just regular sites but then wouldn't activate on all banking/shopping/payment sites that it normally would.

I'm on a Windows 7 desktop computer.  Not sure if this has happened to anyone else.  But thought I'd write about since its happened a good bit lately.

I just received a FS update earlier today and was hoping that would fix it.  But apparently it didn't.


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