Uninstalled F-secure now my browser doesn't work

Hi there!


Just uninstalled the programme on my laptop (Mac) and now when I open Safari it wont let me load any pages because Safari can't find the programme to open a x-fs-bp-query:


What do I do?


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    Thanks for updating us, Juelz94! Glad to know it is resolved now.

  • csl
    csl Posts: 1 New Member

    I have experience similar issue when I  uninstalled F-Secure from my Macbook air . I have removed the F-Secure from the Application successfully. Now I don't see the F-secure icon from Application anymore. However, I have two problems:


    1) I have error message saying "Safari can't open the specified address." - "Safari can't open "X-fs-bp-query:///?r=safari-extension%sA//com.f-secure.browsin-protection-...." because OS X doesn't recognise internet addresses starting with "X-fx-bp-query:"


    2) I can't install a new anti-virus. As the new software still detect F-secure installed in my computer although I have removed this from the Application.


    Please could you explain the steps that I need to take to resolve both issues in details?


    Many thanks.




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