Bank protection blocks smtp


whenever BP is running, I can't send mails using Tbird for mail account, Tbird returns error message for SMTP

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    I see what you're saying about BP automatically closing when you leave a banking site. But, say you opened a new browser window, went to your banking site, which activated BP, then went straight to another non-banking site, which then prompted you to close the BP session, with the banking site still open in that window, would that not then compromise the security of the banking site?

    Being slightly paranoid, I usually open my banking site in a new window, which triggers BP, then close the window when I have finished on the banking site, which then automatically closes BP. I'm not sure if that's any safer, but it makes me feel more secure doing it that way.


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,609 Superuser
    Sorry if I've misunderstood, but isn't blocking other connections what Banking Protection is supposed to do? I only use BP when I'm actually on banking sites, and end it when I've finished any transactions.
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    in Ffox Bp kicks in when I connect to bank sites, when I close the active bank site tab (window) BP remains active, if I try to send a mail via Tbird it blocks smtp.

    I'm wondering wether BP should not close itself when I quit the bank site...

    Why in hell should BP block smtp in Tbird, these are very different protocols ?

    Does this answer your question ?



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,609 Superuser

    When I use BP in Seamonkey (which is based on Firefox), BP usually only closes when I close the browser window in which it was activated. It doesn't close automatically if I just move away from a banking site, and stay in the same browser window, but if I go to a non-banking site in that case, it comes up saying BP is on, and do I want to allow the site or end the BP session. I'm not sure what the relationship is to SMTP, but I'm guessing it's simply because BP is still active, and blocking other connections. Maybe someone more technical could answer that one? :-

  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 509 Superuser

    I do not have the technical skills either, I use what seems to be logical thinking to me: http and smtp protocols are different and "separated" imo.

    btw I do think BP should close itself when leaving AND closing bank site window, not ask the user.

    In my case, closing the connection to the bank site does NOT close BP on Ffox 50.00

  • yeoldfartyeoldfart Posts: 509 Superuser

    just a few words to inform you that I had created a bug report on BP blocking smtp, I received the answer right now saying a bug's been corrected and it should not happen again.

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    Good news!
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