Re: Technical questions

<p>This nightmare is happening to me as we speak...&nbsp;</p>
<p>No mather what i do this m....fu... file named Photo.scr multiplies it self in every god **bleep** folder on my Nas (Asustor AS-202TE) and windows defender detects and deletes it but it keeps coming back no mather what i do...</p>
<p>Im so close to "reinstall" the nas and my laptop with sledgehammer...</p>
<p>Sry for stealing your thread but you question was spot on my issue...</p>
<p>Admin/support-guy: Feel free to move my post if its in the wrong area...</p>
<p>Kind regards</p>


  • Jag är svensk o min engelska suger så förstår ni svenska så sparar ni 1v översättande åt mig... Smiley Wink
  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Lossitallet,


    I am doing a follow up regarding your post. Did you manage to run a scan on your computer and identify the infection? Could you please let us know which F-Secure product are you using on your computer?


    If you are still seeing the strange file, I would recommend to submit a sample of the file to our labs for analysis.


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