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I have F-Secure 16.3,Antivirus 14.165 build 102
DeepGuard 5.0 build 593
E-mail Filtering 1.02 build 22203
Management Agent 8.30 build 43251
User Interface 18.00 build 589
Virus Protection 11.00 build 22201

installed on  Microsoft Windows Pro 10.0.14393 desktop (upgraded from Windows 7). I tried to solve some speed problems during start-up, I read a lot of articles then finally (?) I found this one:

where a Microsoft MVP suggests to remove every non-Microsoft antivirus and/or firewall to avoid conflicts with operating system!
This is incredible!

I read about some incompatibility between Windows 10 and Antiviruses, but this I think it's a serious issue.

Have you some information about this? 

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  • Simon
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    I'm using FS Protection (the beta), and have recently had similar issues. My machine was upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1. F-Secure was taking up to 5 minutes to start after booting up, and after an FS update, this once took 8 minutes to start up.

    I went through various diagnostic processes, and eventually uninstalled F-Secure and installed a different AV product, which also took a long while to start up. I then found that Windows Update was processing a huge update, which eventually completed over three days (!!). My machine then started running a little better, so I reinstalled F-Secure, and it is now starting instantly on boot up.

    I have no real explanation as to what was going on, other than the fact that Windows Updates seemed to practically render my machine inoperable while it was taking place. I don't know if that was the reason for the slow FS start ups, or if the product just needed reinstalling for some reason, but it's certainly seems a lot better now, so that's what I would recommend trying as a first option.

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Well, the big problem for me with Windows 10 is that Microsoft now seem to think they own my machine, and that I can only use it when "we" see fit to allow it.  I've managed to find most of the privacy concerns and turn them off, but it's the updates which are the main bugbear for me, as even if you defer them, Microsoft force them on you sooner or later, by which time they have all queued up and take even longer!  I'd much rather just be notified that Windows Updates are available, and be allowed to download and install them at my own convenience,


    I'm glad you've sorted your issue.  That's something which would have been a bit too technical for me, but hopefully it's done the trick for you.

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