Freedome installed to iPhone6 with up-to-date IOS "Messages Logging" pop-up?

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Hi, found some threads from Apple sites but no answers. A hint was that unwanted pop-up could relate to VPN usage with the device.


I've started to see unwanted pop-up "Messages Logging" in my iPhone6, IOS is up-to-date.


Some Apple community threads suggest, that this pop-up could be related to VPN usage with the end-device.


Any data/info available about this? Here's a link to screencap which shows the pop-up window


Thanks! P.S. Myös suomenkieliset vastaukset tervetulleita.


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    Hi Jangelo,


    Does this message happen only when Freedome is turned on in the iOS device? Or do you see the message when Freedome is turned off as well?


  • Jangelo
    Jangelo Posts: 4 New Member
    It's not systematic, when I kept VPN off there was no pop-ups. Quite quickly after enabling Freedome the pop-up appeared again. However now it has been ok for some time.

    As in many cases of ICT anomality also these unwanted pop-ups do not appear in a certain systematic rhythm but rather unsynced.

    Btw here is link to Apple thread about the case and the issue in general, there can be more I'm sure but this was one of the first ones I stumbled on....

    There is a sollution suggestion to solve this phenomenom and it's related to iOS..
  • Jangelo
    Jangelo Posts: 4 New Member
    I would upload a screencap of the sollution suggestion but it seems uploads are not possible..😩
  • Etag
    Etag Posts: 2 New Member
    I have had the same popup since Freedome installation on my Iphone also
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