Parental control doesn´t stay on


I have bought F-Secure Mobile Security for 3 devices 2 months ago.

I installed it on my daughters Huawei P8 Lite -android phone.  I also installed in on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

In both devices I have set up Parental Control on, but for some reason in my daughters Huawei is doesn´t stay on.  Androind version is 6.0.

I have set up it dozen times, every time it seems to be on, but after few minutes it doesn't work and blocked software can open normally.

I have uninstalled software and installed again, but no change. It work exact same way. This is annoing and I don't know what to do.


In Galaxy Tab 3 it work perfect. 


What I do wrong or what´s wrong?

Please help!


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