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Why there are no options to turn sounds off? I would like to keep prompts about connections but I hate that blimb that is always played when freedome establishing secured connection. 


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    this sound bore no relationship to f-secure or any software. It's just a windows default sounds. If you wanna turn it off, right click, choose personalize-themes-advanced sound setting-no sounds.

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    This trick doas not work!  I have turned systme sounds to zero, however - when Freedome weirly goes on and off every now and then by itself - for network hick ups? it blasts the blim-plabi-blum sund f333 loud - at same volume level as I am listening Spotify! really annoying!!! please fix it to the next release!

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    Hello Everyone,


    I did a quick check about the notification sound with our Product Team.


    There might be a possibility to turn off  the sound in Windows 10 as notification is based on the Windows settings. In Win 10, go to Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions -> Scroll down and select “F-Secure Freedome UI” there. For the earlier versions of Windows, you can only turn on and off as @Avisitors mentioned. We don’t have sound toggle in our product.

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