Lack of "Add to exclusions" in the non-automatic virus alert - please add it

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Hi! I'm back after a long break :)

So... As an advanced user, I always like to disable automatic mode and decide by myself about virus alerts. There is no AV that doesn't have false positive - it always can happened. That's why there are exclusions settings. Of course F-Secure have possibility to add exclusions via settings. However, I realized that when automatic mode is disabled and F-Secure shows alert when it find virus, I don't have possibility to ignore that and add file to exclusions right in alert window. It may be annoying, because when you are an advanced user and you know that this is actually a false positive, you should be able to quickly add file to exclusions. That's how an interactive (non-automatic) mode should be working. I will add a screenshot to show that


Please don't ignore that, because this is not a big request, but it can be really useful.




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    Sorry for my reply.


    But with this type of detection probably should be option as "Just block it" (like "ignore" on this time).

    File will be not removed, not quarantined, not cleaned... but just blocked access to file.


    After this... indeed.. you have to exclude file under UI settings. For prevent next detection-prompt at "launch/access".

    But work for malicious files (detections) only.


    With potentially unwanted (potentially) or spyware (potentially) will be option to "exclude" it from dialog/prompt.

    Because most likely "safe" status (or user decision to allow file) more often with PUA/PUP, than with malicious detections. But it can be tweaked for harmful-rated files too, of course.

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    Sorry for potential feedback (I'm only F-Secure user).


    Looks like that current F-Secure Home security solutions (AV/IS/SAFE/TOTAL) switched to autodecision design (by default/globally) for malicious and harmful items.

    While it still possible to exclude PUA/PUP on-the-fly;


    Maybe more reasonable to ask about 'less false positive detections'.

    Because maybe it's not friendly but anyway good option to exclude/restore detected harmful-rated file by own manual steps (than on-the-fly - when not always can be enough clear about decision anyway - what if previously 'known' safe file marked as harmful with reasons).