Amazon Prime Video blocked Freedome

hjavamann Posts: 1 New Member

For several days blocked Amazon Prime Video VPN service Freedome
others like vpnclient works


someone has the same problem or know something about it



  • Miho
    Miho Posts: 16 Explorer

    I have been experiencing the exact same problem.

    I just got off the phone with Amazon support guy, the app side is working okay. Somehow freedome is showing the different country location than selected.

    When I turn off Freedome, the streaming works, however, I don't want to turn it off.

    It was working fine though what has happened last few days???

  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,020 F-Secure Product Expert
    Do you receive any error when the videos are blocked? Did you already try alternative virtual locations?
    @Miho could you clarify this?
    @Miho wrote:

    Somehow freedome is showing the different country location than selected.



  • Miho
    Miho Posts: 16 Explorer

    Hi Ben

    I live in Germany and Freedome provides only one choice for Germany...

    So far it doesn't matter if I choose Germany or U.K. or others, I get the service cannot be provided message.



  • Miho
    Miho Posts: 16 Explorer

    A bit more details, usually I get this error message only when I select a country other than Germany as a virtual location. (Amazon Video app)

    However, this time even though I am using the location in Germany, it looked like I am accessing from the other country.

    A few days back everything worked fine with the same virtual location.


    (FYI: I wanted to attach a screenshot, but the insert image in the text editer is not working? I cannot select a pic from my PC/iPad...)



  • Knue
    Knue Posts: 2 New Member

    Hi Ben,


    I'm working for some time in Portugal.

    With f-secure freedom I'm using the german location "Falkenstein".


    For several days I can not use german amazon prime on any of my devices (Message: Licence at the location unavailable, Code 4601).


    It works with other VPN providers (Private Tunnel).


    At my request (support-number: XXXXXXXX) I got no feedback.


    Greetings Knue


    EDIT: Removed PII

  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member

    I have the same problem with Amazon prime video. At least I'm not the only one having problems ;(

    only if I disconnect Freedome it is possible to use Amazon without getting a sign reading something about a licence problem and that Amazon video isn't available in my country i.e. Germany. 

  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member
    As it seems you are from Freedome: Please get the problem fixed.
  • Miho
    Miho Posts: 16 Explorer

    Just an update for the people who are following this discussion.

    Since the problem has been persisting, I have created a support request.

    They have asked me to provide the log which I did.

    If anyone is having the same problem, maybe a good idea to contact the support team.

  • Knue
    Knue Posts: 2 New Member

    what I did Miho.


    The answer was, "that it looks like Amazon recognized that I am using F-Secure Freedome, thus the connection is blocked. Very possibly Amazon has set the IP address of Freedome as untrusted."


    I hope that these answer was not the last I've heard. I've assumed that particular streaming services recognize the IP address of F-Secure as trustworthy and I could use them abroad. Only for this reason I've bought the F-Secure Abo. 









  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member

    I've sended them the log files too. No answer until now. If amazon recognices freedom and freedom doesn't fix the problem I certainly have to look for another solution. 

  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member

    I've also sended them the log-file. No answer until now. If it is that Amazon recognices Freedome than Freedome has a problem they should fix fast. Otherwise customers will look for another solution.

  • Mall
    Mall Posts: 1 New Member

    I have the same problem. I'm in France and as customer of prime video registered in


    If freedome have no solution therefore I will stop my contract asap.

    Bad enough that prime video is not able mean don't want to stop this f****ing geoblocking

    for their own registered customers.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hello Everyone,


    Amazon Video has started to block access to their service through VPN products, including Freedome.


    Our possibilities to prevent this are limited. You may want to contact them and ask to change their policy concerning VPN products. Please also remember that Freedome protects your network traffic and blocks tracking attempts and harmful sites & apps.

  • Miho
    Miho Posts: 16 Explorer

    Hi Laksh


    Thank you very much for the update.


    Have F-secure also been in contact with Amazon? 

    Security, that's the reason why I have selected F-secure and we have been happy with the products.

    I will contact Amazon again, however, it might be a huge help if F-secure also could contact them as the product/service provider. So that your customers won't stuck in between the two service providers.


    Thank you,


  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member

    Hi Laksh, yesterday I got a message that there will be an update on Monday. ??? So there will be no update to fix the problem or yes or maybe? 

  • Columban
    Columban Posts: 6 New Member
    Hi Laksh, if I see it right Amazon is blocking your IP or your Server?
  • SteveRose
    SteveRose Posts: 1 New Member

    I'm having the same Problem. When Freedome is running, Amazon Prime is rejecting the connection. In Terms&Conditions it's written, that access is only allowed from Germany and Austria and that they will use tracing to recover the location. So if Freedome blocks that ... it will not work.



    Von Standorten außerhalb Deutschlands oder Österreich ist es Ihnen untersagt, Inhalte im Rahmen Ihres Abonnements bei Prime Instant Video zu streamen, das Streaming zu versuchen oder Techniken einzusetzen, die Ihren Standort verschleiern oder fälschlich angeben. Sie erkennen an, dass wir Techniken zur Überprüfung Ihres Standorts einsetzen dürfen.


  • Lisash
    Lisash Posts: 1 New Member
    F secure. Is this an ongoing issue with Amazon? This is the reason I use the vpn to hide my location so no point in paying for it if it does not work
  • quicksel
    quicksel Posts: 1 New Member

    I second that opinion. If F-Secure isn't abled to fix the problem I'll cancel my order and look for another solution that works.

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