Freedome and Apple CarPlay audio problem

Andyrm Posts: 2 New Member

Bought a car last week with Apple CarPlay.  Found would play music back for 5-10 minutes then:


1) there was a loud buzz over the speakers and the track indicator would suggest the music was still playing

2) the track indicator would then indicate the music had stopped.

3)The player app would close.


This happened both with music stored on the phone played back via iTunes (iOS 10) and Spotify when streaming music.  It did not happen when following Apple Maps directions.


After finding a reference to someone else experiencing a total drop of CarPlay using another VPN app I experimented swithching the VPN off and then ON but holding all other settings which indicates this is the problem.


As CarPlay is now been fitted to more and more cars you might want to see whether you can do anything to fix this problem.


Freedome Version

iOS 10.1

The car is Skoda Superb Estate 2017 (UK) model and the OM media system is the 'Bolero' model

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