Speed issue with f secure safe

Was happy to get a 12 month free subscription .after installing all my usual games I play were running really slow . Being tech savvy and after using avg and avast software I would not of thought I would lose 18gb speed using for secure but after disabling a few settings could not get my speed back unless I turned off . All other pc in my house without this software had a perfect speed..... sorry back to avg...........
How can I recommend this to my customers it would cause my calls and complaints about speed issues...
Sorry for starting a new post but all threads were closed ... thanks but no thanks for the 12 months subscription.....


  • Simon
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    Without any technical information, it's difficult to guess what the problem might have been, but this isn't a common issue - at least, not one that we see complaints about every day on the forum.


    Initially, I would have suggested that maybe your previous anti-virus products hadn't been fully removed (using the vendor's removal tools), as remnants of previous AV software can often cause conflicts, but as you've now uninstalled F-Secure, we can't really offer much in the way of support.


    If you did decide to give FS another try, I would suggest first running the Uninstallation Tools for whichever other AV software you have installed, before installing F-Secure, and then, if you still run into problems, raise a Support Ticket, attaching an FSDIAG file from the Support Tool, so that the tech guys can have a look at what might be going on.

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    Sorry for my reply and ask.


    But do you have experience about setting/option/feature as "Gaming Mode"?

    I talk about this point (as page under "documentation" for this : https://help.f-secure.com/product.html#home/safe-windows/2016/en/task_C5612111F10041679D7D0A33034F8916-safe-windows-2016-en )


    And if there was experience with "gaming mode"... so when there words about "slow" - this is just about network speed (?) or something else visible with "slow"-result?

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