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I read here:


about the Cyber Security Course and was intrigued. The link says that it's good to have "a basic understanding of coding". 


Can you recommend me a coding language to attempt to learn, as a beginner, that is useful to cybersecurity?


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  • gancalgancal Posts: 23
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    Hi ankontini,


    For starter, you can look into high level programming such as C/C++. The idea behind learning this is also to identify how a typical software structure will look like when coded. In the course, you will most likely learn to do secure coding hence the basic understanding is needed. 


    For scripting language, I would recommend Python as it is quite commonly used across the industry. Having the ability to write scripts will help in automating a lot of repetitive tasks.


    Hope this comment helped in pointing you to the right starting point. Enjoy your journey of being a cybersecurity expert and have a nice day!



    Calvin Gan

    F-Secure Security Vulnerabiity Expert



  • Thanks for your reply! I was hoping it wouldn't be C Smiley Frustrated because I had tried that more than a decade ago and was not able to learn it. But things have changed now, there are much more resources out there on youtube and google, than the odd books we had back then.


    So.. C it is! Smiley Happy Thanks again and have a nice day too!


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