Packet loss using Freedome VPN

I've used Freedome VPN pretty much since it started advertising on Youtube and it have run mostly fine but now all of the sudden I've started to experience huge packet losses..


My ping is fairly good(around 46~60 on both teamspeak and in games, but still way better if I turn off the VPN) but when I play games/stream etc the game stops responding and my streaming software starts complaining about packet loss on my stream channel(I stream on Twitch using Xsplit)..


Worth noting:

-This problem occours with or without my streaming software running.

-This problem dissappears completly when I turn my Freedome VPN off!

-It affects all games and all my webbrowsers.

-All games lose my commands rather frequently(every 5 seconds) so I end up being unable to play online with the VPN active..

-Everything runs flawlessly without VPN.

-Reinstall changes nothing.

-Tried pinging and my ISP and I end up with 25-75% packet loss all the time.


I've noticed other ppl have this same problem so it's not just the Finnish servers it's swedish servers aswell and maybe others.


Hope you can make something out of the information I wrote down, I really like the product otherwise, it's great but at the moment it sucks cause I'm paying for something that isn't working properly..


Just ask me if you need some more info or wonder anything, I will reply as fast as possible to get this issues solved!


  • Might add it's impossible to watch Youtube video due to the packetloss cause it takes forever to load a video.

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Ripperino,


    Is this happening with all the locations? Based on your information, I could see you are using Twitch and I found a similar post here.

  • Switched to Freedome's swedish server and everything loaded smoothly, turned back to the Esbo one and now everything is taking forever to load again.. Smiley Frustrated

  • Teamspeak meassures packet loss, when I use the Finnish VPN in Freedome I have 50-55% packet loss on OUTGOING trafic, when I use the swedish VPN I have around 30-40% packet loss OUTGOING and if I turn it off and just run everything as normal without a VPN I have no packetloss...


    Note that this is OUTGOING trafic.. A few times when I pinged google I had 75% packetloss over 12 packages while using the VPN.


    So incoming trafic is no issue, outgoing trafic is the only thing affected here and I don't know why.. Everything works as long as I keep Freedome turned off, but I don't wanna have it off Smiley Tongue

  • I had the same issue and everything kept loading. Luckily I switched my VPN connection to ExpressVPN. I was told it offers a rather less populated group of servers and surely it does. After using ExpressVPN, everything is running smoothly and I dont really have to keep waiting.... do give it a try, ripperino .. I read the review of ExpressVPN from VPNgrades and they convinced me to buy this VPN service.

  • I tried mailing support and forums and I've yet not got any answears... I can't stress enough how I hate paying for a product and not being able to use it, can you extend my subscription cause I'm loosing days on my license cause of this and I can't even use the product.. Smiley Frustrated

  • Still awaiting answears... Someone please fix this.. Smiley Sad

  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi Ripperino,


    I guess this might need further troubleshooting with our support team, so I recommend you to contact our support team to check futher.


    If you already have a support request number, please send me a private message of the case number so that I can highlight about your post there.

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