Real-Time Protection Network Not Connected

I have a problem, for some reason even though I have real-time protection network enabled, it is not connected.




  • patet
    patet Posts: 57 Explorer

    Nevermind, it corrected itself automatically.

  • nayan007
    nayan007 Posts: 41 Observer

    Did you get what exactly caused you for that kind of problem

  • RMc-Canada
    RMc-Canada Posts: 33 Observer

    I just noticed mine was off now also, I've seen in on since installing FS-IS.


    Is this normal behavior?. does it go on & off by itself?.



  • Shahrir
    Shahrir Posts: 44 F-Secure Product Expert



    With regards to the current issue that all of you are facing, we might need more information to further analyze the issue. Please feel free to contact our support team and provide more information so that our Technical Expert can analyze the case and give you a permanent solution. Below is the link to contact our support team :-



    Do contact us again should you need further assistance.



  • RMc-Canada
    RMc-Canada Posts: 33 Observer

    TY for your reply Shahrir, well I've since checked & it was 'connected' again?, & also check again right now & it still shows connected?.


    If this is not 'normal' behavior for it to sometimes turn itself off?, they maybe keep a closer eye on this issue on your end?.

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