How safe is Safe? About FlickFetch unistalled ok / What about when installed?


Please I have some questions about this very practical programm

F-Secure Safe tells that it is safe BUT

Does F-Secure inspect only that packet?
What about if I allow that program to be installed in my laptop?

Would F-Secure warn or even notice in case that program would e.g. open
harmful ports or some other way be a risk for my computer or the safety of my data?

Thank You so much!


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    I can't offer a very technical answer, but I'm sure that F-Secure would spot any malicious activity, and would certainly block the program if it considered it to be a virus or malware.  Deepguard would also monitor the program's activity, and should alert you if it is unrecognised and is trying to open ports.  It will then be up to you as to whether you allow it. 


    Personally though, if I have doubts about a program, which your posts suggests you do, then I wouldn't install it in the first place, or at least, I would make sure I got it from a reputable source, as some download sources can add nasty stuff into what could otherwise be a legitimate application.

  • safeside
    safeside Posts: 3 New Member

    Thank You Simon for your quick answer! :)


    DeepGuard "box" is empty.. Is it good or bad?


    Do I need add that program there in case I am worried about it?


    Or does that empty DeepGuard box mean that no risks are found..?



    Thank You again!

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,665 Superuser

    Deepguard is part of F-Secure SAFE.



  • safeside
    safeside Posts: 3 New Member

    You are right! :)


    I did edit my post while I found DeepGuard!



    Yes you got it right again! This 'Application permissions' box is what I tried to tell about!


    My F-Safe is in Finnish so I lack correct terms in English.


    And it sounds good, in case no program are listed there, no harm was found.


    Thank you so much Simon! :)


    Have a great day!





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