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Can you help? I am Running Windows 10, but Windows Defender keeps switching itself on and switching F-secure off!!! I have tried Switching it off but after a while it again overrides F-secure and then I have to Reinstall F-secure from scratch.


  • Simon
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    If you have Win 10 Pro, have a read through this thread (even if you have the Home edition, you may find something helpful here): 



    That said, I have Win 10 and WD doesn't keep screwing with my F-Secure, so I wonder if something else might be going on?  Perhaps a  Support Ticket might throw some enlightment on the situation?  Don't forget to attach an FSDIAG from the Support Tool so that the guys can have a proper look at your system.

  • Can anyone show me how to open fsdiag?

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,675 Superuser

    Sorry, I don't understand why you would need to open it.  You just run the support tool, as linked to above, but which you can also find in the F-Secure folder in your Start menu programs list.  That will produce a zipped file on your Desktop, which you then attach to the support ticket.

  • Simon, I want to open fsdiag because it is a report so I want to read what it has to say.

  • Many Thanks Ville, Downloaded 7Zip and it opened "fsdiag" not sure I understood what it ment though.zorro1

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