instalation f-secure failed


i tryed to install f-secure on my laptop but i get this message:

Installation can not continue because of lack of important files

how can i solve this


  • TJRuby
    TJRuby Posts: 1 New Member

    I never had problems with F-Secure and W7.  Updates loaded properly and nothing needed my attention.  But with the new version F-Secure SAFE and W10, I experience problems frequently with updates.  Apparently when W10 has updates, all of the other software has to update & juggle to work with W10; SAFE being included.  This last time, I needed to contact support and was given the same advice above.  After uninstalling the Malwarebytes And SAFE, I was able to successfully re-install SAFE.  Everything appears to be working smoothly again.  After two years W10 is still not working very well.  But we all are being forced to convert so we are able to operate other software. 


    Thank you SAFE support! 

  • ohdear
    ohdear Posts: 2 New Member

    it solved my problem Smiley Very Happy

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