IOS 10 update erased my iPhone Freedome licence

Freedome was installed in my iPhone 6 as part of multi-licence package.


I  updated this iPhone to IOS 10 two days ago with the result that after the update Freedome did not recognize the licence and asked me to buy a new one. I tried activation by using the original licence password, but it was rejected "because I had used it already in the same iPhone". So Freedome is "off" in my iPhone is even though I have a valid licence.


The problem reminds me of a similar one I had short time ago when I replaced my old iPad  and transferred its contents from the backup to the new one: the Freedome licence was lost during the process. The multi-licence could not be reactivated and the workable solution was to use an individual licence instead. For information: I updated also this iPad to IOS 10 and encountered no problems  with the Freedome licence in the process.


Seems there are shortcomings in the multi-licence process, which do not affect single licences.


How can I reactivate my valid iPhone Freedome licence which was lost in during the IOS 10 update?


  • Once more, could anyone help? The update  to IOS 10 cut my valid  Freedome licence in my iPhone (part of multi-platform licence) short. How can I restore this licence which still has five (prepaid) months to go?

  • Ben
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    Did you reset anyhow the phone to factory settings before performing the upgrade?

    The upgrade to IOS10 shouldn't modify the licence of installed apps(including Freedome).


    Please open a support ticket, so we can investigate this behavior and assist you with your license.

  • I followed the standard IOS upgrade procedure as was made available by Apple. I did not do any resets , but they may well have been part of the upgrade procedure itself.


    The problem I refer to occurred in my iPhone 6 which had an earlier multi-platform  licence for Freedome.


    Just a note: there was no problem with Freedome when I upgraded my iPad Pro to IOS 10 on the same day. The only difference is that iPad was under a separate (individual) licence (which I got i.a. on an earlier occasion a couple of  weeks earlier when I had similar problem with its multi-platform licence).


    In that case I was taking a new iPad Pro into use and transferred the contents of my old iPad (which had the licence) from the backup in my P; however,  the Freedome licence was not transferred with the contents though everything else was.



  • Support requested (sppose this is the ticket).
  • Ben
    Ben Posts: 2,641 F-Secure Product Expert

    Thank you for the update. I highlighted the ticket to  our support.

  • In any case I want my Freedome back soon!
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