F-Secure Anti-Virus 2016 - How to integrate for download scans in Firefox DownloadManager (S3)


I want to integrate F-Secure Anti-Virus scanning for downloads in Firefox using the Firefox addon DownloadManager (s3). In this download manager there is the possibility to call an external Anti-Virus program to handle over the download file for virus checking. Therefore it asks for several properties of the executable of the anti-virus. It needs the executable and its path to be called for checking the downloaded file as well as the parameter format of the downloaded file placeholder to be used to handle over to the executable as file parameter.

It looks like "path to Antivirus program: "C:/Program Files/myAnti-VirusProgram.exe"" and as parameter to handle over the file to be scanned: "%1"


My question:

  1. what do I need to use for the executable path of F-secure Anti-Virus?
  2. Is "%1" as file parameter OK or must I use soemthing else?

I am use Win 7 Prof Sp1, Firefox 47 and the DownloadManager (s3) in version 4.07. Does anybody have any suggestions? I do not find according manuals for command line usage of F-Secure Anti-Virus 2016.

Any help out there? Thx in advance..



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