"System Check"


One of our company's laptops has been infected with "System Check".  This is a particularly nasty bit of spyware / malware / virus.  The only way to recover this, as far as I have experienced is a total rebuild of the PC / laptop. 


Why hasn't F-Secure recognised this and provided suitable detection, clean-up facilities for this?  It has been around for over 1 month now, and I know many people who have unwittingly been affected by it.


  • beiker
    beiker Posts: 33 Explorer

    Hi. I would understand if it was not recognized since these threats are almost evolving per hour. I haven't even know this threat exists until now. Can you show us a link please where it came out last month?


    I would also like to know if f0secure already know about this said malware. 

  • TechGirl

    F-Secure does not recognise it, hence why the laptop is infected.


    Here is the link showing that Kaspersky knows about it - http://support.kaspersky.com/faq/?qid=208285920.

  • TechGirl

    Also, I could not find any reference to it on the F-Secure support site.

  • usualsuspect



    Just been infected myself. Having to use Spy hunter to even detect it.


    Nasty little bugga! I blocked an exe.exe access request that F-secure popped up but it didn't stop the proceedings. Mass iof harddrive failure messages and then a restart. Hides everything, and asks to run System Check, which can be stopped. Keyboard shortcuts seem to work ok at least. 

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