Getting 403 Forbidden webpage after latest F-Secure update

I get a 403 Forbidden webpage (on all web browsers) when trying to navigate to:


This happened immediately after my upgrade 10 mins ago.


How can i get my F-secure (TalkTalk Super Safe Boost) to allow this site?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    I'm getting a "Harmful website blocked" warning from FS when I try the link, but it does give me the option to allow it (which I haven't).  I guess it could be a false positive, in which case you can Submit the URL to the labs, and they will reassess it, or could it be that the site does actually contain something nasty?

  • the site is a webtrading site i have used before which FS didnt have an issue with prior to the update.


    I read here:


    that someone else was having the 403 issue but this is reported to have been resolved.


    I only mention this because i get a 403 error yet you correctly get a FS warning and option to unblock.

    If it wasnt for this I wouldnt have an issue.


    So maybe the real question is why am i still getting a 403 msg if the above link says the issue is fixed??

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    I'm actually using the beta FS Protection:  This will be a later version that the current SAFE builds, so that may explain why I'm receiving the block page instead of the 403, but that's just a guess.


    If no one responds here fairly soon, I can only suggest that you send in a Support Ticket, or Submit the URL as mentioned before, for what might be a quicker fix.  Alternatively, you may wish to consider joining the Beta program, upon which you will receive the latest build, with free licensing for as long as you remain an active tester.  :)

  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    I've tried about 10 times to get the link to the Beta to work, so trying again in a separate post:


  • thanks, a temporary solution is to allow it in Browser Protection. I have also submitted the URL so will wait to hear from them why they consider it unsafe
  • Thx Simon. I would like to join the beta test group but not sure if it would include my other PCs. The membership with Talktalk allows for 10 pcs.

    Is the beta on an individual pc basis? Or can I still manage say 10 pcs in a group?
  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,676 Superuser

    Hi Lawrence,


    The short answer is, I don't know.


    What I would suggest is that you post the question in the Beta Forum, and hopefully someone from the team will see it and respond.  Alternatively, you could just apply on the Beta Site, explaining your situation, and see what happens.  You do get the opportunity to test on multiple devices under your own subscription, but I'm not sure if that would extend to ten machines.  Talk to them, and I'm sure they will be helpful. 


    Bear in mind, though, that with beta products, there can be the occasional drama, so you may want to consider whether you want to install a beta version on a 'mission critical' device.  That said, I've been a beta tester for about three years now, or maybe more, and I've not had that many major problems.

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