Espoo access points not capable of handling traffic on evenings?

tasaista Posts: 14 New Member

Is Espoo access point unable to handle all traffic on evenings (local time)?


I'm seeing a pattern where I need to change to Sweden and beyond as connection quality goes down on evenings. Haven't had problems elsewhere.


Any plans for a fix?


Devices: multiple Macs, iOSs in Finland


  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Tasaista,


    We are monitoring all our locations. We have not seen any packet loss or slow speed recently on the Espoo access point even in the evenings. 

    What kind of speed drop do you experience?


  • tasaista
    tasaista Posts: 14 New Member



    It's difficult to provide accurate (automated) measurements as Freedome does not support command line or any API. Or is there such?


    How would you recommend collecting statistics comparing Fredome troughput?


    Thank you

  • bfish2006
    bfish2006 Posts: 5 New Member


    I am now also getting issues with Espoo -locations. Started Thu evening when

    getting only less than 2Mbps. Now getting 0.09Mbps.


    Either the Espoo location is not working properly or your recent app version

    is creatitng problems. That Download 0.09Mbps is recorded with iOS App,

    should be around 8Mbps (getting it from Madrid). I have deleted the settings

    and no help. Similar thing with my Android TV box, I deleted everything, removed

    the app, restarted box and re-installed, gives download 0.00 and upload 0.00

    from Espoo - From Madrid it's the 8.


    Please have a look, going to miss the weekend sports otherwise.

  • bfish2006
    bfish2006 Posts: 5 New Member


    Saturday update.


    Still problems witht Espoo -location speeds.

    I played a little bit with it today, seems that it is some sort of connection problem.

    Connecting to Espoo is very slow in the first place, then it gives very bad speeds

    like download 0.09-0.15Mbps upload however is measured as normal.


    There is some variation on the speeds, some 9 of 10 tries is between 0.09-1.8 Mbps.

    If keep on jerking it, there is a chance that you eventually get some 4-5 Mbps that

    then can do some streams - if you get it, keep it ON. Otherwise you need to start

    that jerking again.


    It's clearly related to Espoo server, from Madrid I can get stable 7Mbps.

  • oHo
    oHo Posts: 14 Observer

    Same pattern noticed here. Currently FTP transfer at 95KiB/s with freedome on. without freedome 300-400kiB/s (not so fast hotel network...) but almost unusable with freedome. From Madrid to Espoo

  • mustamyy
    mustamyy Posts: 1 New Member

    Very bad 1M connection from Espoo


    Nice 100M from Stockholm


    Please fix!

  • bfish2006
    bfish2006 Posts: 5 New Member

    I wouldn't hold my breath on someone from the

    staff to come and comment it here. I have waited 2 weeks

    without reply here. I am going to start spamming the

    email -support on this.


    Nothing has changed in 2 weeks with Espoo location,

    getting tonight 0.2Mbps download speeds and then 1Mbps,

    totally useless when trying to watch streams.



  • L0nk3r0
    L0nk3r0 Posts: 1 New Member

    I too have this same problem. Web pages lag, youtube is unusable, netflix works but image quality sucks. I have  10Mbit connection and Espoo is able to handle about 1Mbit. When access point is changed to  for example Stockholm or Copenhagen, full speed is available immediately. When changed back to Espoo lagging returns.

  • tasaista
    tasaista Posts: 14 New Member

    Based on short testing, everything looks good! 


    I hope you also found a way to detect these kind of issues automatically. 


    With 10 MB connection I get constant 8.6 MB speed (Espoo). Also with Stockholm AP it's roughly the same. I tried connecting multiple times. Latency looks also constant. Without Freedome it's constant 10 MB download. I'll post again if I notice again dying connections.


    Thank you for listening. Also thanks to others who reported similar findings :)

  • bfish2006
    bfish2006 Posts: 5 New Member


    Sorry Tapsa,


    it's not working yet. As I can confirm that speeds looked promising

    on Wed morning and early evening it changed again for the evening.


    Used from Spain and connected to Espoo, hockey and football streams

    were pretty poor and buffering all the time. I ran SpeedTest after 22:30 CET

    and downloadspeeds were 1.0Mbps and 1.22 Mbps, after that also latency

    tests failed with Espoo servers. Tried same time to Madrid, which gave 8.3Mbps.


    There is still issue with Espoo server or with capacity towards Spain where

    now thousands of finnnish retirees have returned and trying to stream

    finnish tv in the evenings.


    Please try to sort this out soon, I have wasted some 60€ already to my

    stream subscriptions that have been unwatchable almost whole September,

    that on top of the non-working Freedome subscription for 5 devices.

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