Why Gmail and Linkedin says there is an intrusion on my profiles when freedome is activated ?

yakalex Posts: 7 New Member

F-secure Freedome, OS Microsoft 8, Firefox browser or Thunderbird mail manager.


Hi there,


It's the second time gmail freezes my account and aks for a second identification (code by sms or on an email adress) saying someone in the USA "knows my password".

The date and time given correspond to my own attempt.


The main question is: why this occurs ?

The second one -pure curiosity- is why in the US when my localisation is in Europe ?..


Thanks !



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,224 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hi yakalex,


    Based on your query, were you using a US virtual location during the corresponding time?

    Regarding your second question, could you please brief us as to which localisation you were referring to?



  • yakalex
    yakalex Posts: 7 New Member

    Hi Laksh,


    I was virtually located in Paris, France. I've read the post on the localisation troubles. Still, it happened twice, and each time I was located in the same place in the US for gmail: would it be gmail's server localisation ?

  • yakalex
    yakalex Posts: 7 New Member



    Really sorry to reply so late. Really busy lately, professionnaly speaking.


    I assume you're right and there is nothing to do about this. No matter, it's just a little minute to waste for that. I was mainly curious.


    Thanks !

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