Block anoying self-uptade Adobe

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Does anybody know how to get rid of many anoying self update programs like Adobe?

Since these are standard at many pc computers at the market,and the programs that I have at my mind is ex. Adobe Reader DC,Adobe Flash Player(for Firefox not ArkivX).

Since  many of adobe´s softwares are known by many software experts as online threads as spyware.In terms that many customers don´t know that they can plant in some sort of undetected ransomware/spyware that can take control over ex.a Pc and in worse cases hack/take control over a persons broadband router.

But what I figure out as unpleasent and rather unprofessional from Adobe Systems is that even if I don´t what the software to serch for new updates I get it automaticly.

I´ve tried to recognize where this could be,but it seems that this type of software is hidden and scripted in win.registry files.

So my question is how can I get rid of this quite anoying self-update software??

As a tip on the track the files that I´ve recognized was AdobeArm.Exe.There are atleast 2 or 3 more exe files that have a similar begining and where adobe is involved in the file name.

But for now on I´m on a quite older Pc with Win 7(pro Swe 32.bit),and have the latest anti-virus from F-secure (safe).

I would be very grateful if someone cold make a rule or put this type of anoying services at the black list of potential theads,or get some sort of warning when I´m download the link.



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