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Have for many years wonder if there is any difference between Internet securuty services from many comon swedish broadband operators like: TeliaSonera,ComHem,Bredbandsbolaget,Banhof etc. However this list can be so long so I just mention top 4 that I have in my mind at this poin. But however many of these operators provide their services from F-secure.


But what I didn´t have figured out is if this versions are a bit old and not full versions. I have many conversations with Bredbandsbolaget in this terms,but they could´t give me any proper answer to my questions. So if there is anybody that can tell me the difference between software punchasted directly from F-secure (or in a regular store).


However I´ve had this service from Bredbandsbolaget in many years,but suddenly when I´ve tried to update to newer version I coldn´t do that. It figured out later on that my older prenumeration key was out-of date,and that was the main reason why I coldn´t update to newer version. So after my experience I´m a rather disapointed and rather sceptical at this moment that this type of services are so much worth the money.

It was much easier if I got any message that my prenumeration key is out of date,and to continue I´ve to upgrade to newer version(either that my old key will be migrated to new system,or that they cancel old version and if I will continue I´ve have to purchase new key).

But according to my experience of this type of services I´ve found them quite usles,like many of free-antivirus at the market. They just spin around,but never warn me from potential threads (downloaded files etc) when it´s too late. But I may be wrong in many of my theories.


But what is true is that it´s rather unpleasant for me as a customer when they charge me for services that it´s rather old,and never reminds me or advice me when the key is out of date. But what´s more strange about this is that they can have a cancel time of min 1 month. I found it rather strange ,and in  my terms of wiew they can have clients for a much longer time than a customer wants.

Acording to prices this type of services are much cheaper than llicenses purchasted in regular stores or via f-secure. Because they charge clients monthly on their regular bill.


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    How I can to understand...


    Broadband operators can to provide different F-Secure Internet Security solutions.

    Such as.. with some of them... indeed can be outdated builds, customized (too much), with small price (or eventually higher) and other.


    Mainly for get up-to-date F-Secure builds.. probably most helpful can be to use/buy directly from F-Secure.


    With another situations... can be different result. And nice points for user can be... if there any promo-actions, less price for use solution, per month (not per year) with meanings.. that you able to pause license-time.



    But in common meanings on the time of release (or time to time) features should be same with stable direct F-Secure solutions.

    With some of operators... how I can to understand... can be missing some features (or added specific ones).

    Usually different between "outdated" solutions (by operators) and up-to-dated solution (directly by F-Secure) can be about bug fixes (not often too much critical). And how I can to think about this... too much critical fixes... comes for any of solutions. Such as.. there can be small different about security-points.. but can be.


    Sorry for my reply.

    Maybe there just should be reply from F-Secure team.

    But just because there is missing any words yet... I decided to create my suggestions.



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