False positives (repeatedly) AND blocking legitimate banking site.


I'm having two issues that are beginning to drive me just a little crazy.


First - and the most annoying - I have banking bookmarked in my browser (NOT logged in, just the link). I can't even "accidentlly" move my mouse across my browser to accidentally go over the icon and FSecure banking protection turns on then blocks everything else I'm doing!


I understand the protection, but I LITERALLY just move my mouse across my screen and it turns it on, even though I didn't load ANYTHING banking.


On an alternate side - Stripe.com is a legitimate banking site (just like paypal). It *did* turn it on when I first went to it... but then when I clicked to log in, almost nothing appears because it's all blocked behind the Banking protection!


When I turned it off (banking protection), and hit refresh, the site / form loaded properly... logged in, no problem, went to do something else - and again - banking protection DID turn on - but blocked the entire page! Yep, it loaded blank, not even the "its been blocked" page.

So something is definitely messed up there.


Note, I rarely use Stripe, I'm always in Paypal, but thought you guys might also like to be aware of that one.


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    Something definitely sounds odd with the Bookmark.  I have my bank Bookmarked in my Bookmarks  Toolbar (SeaMonkey browser), so it's visible all the time, but I don't have that issue.  I'm not sure there's anything we can do to help on here, as I think maybe a Support Ticket would be your best option, so that they can look at your system more fully, but out of curiosity, which browser are you using?  Have you tried re-installing the Browser extension (Open FS > Browsing Protection > Settings > Browser Extension)?  It may not help, but if it does, it would be a nice quick fix.  :)



  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my reply/suggestions.


    About first point:

    Does your experience can be same with opening "fresh tab" under Firefox?

    If yes.. with some of tp/beta-releases it was recently fixed (?) - like it was fixed trouble there: https://community.f-secure.com/t5/Home-Security/FS-Protection-PC-Release-169/td-p/84950


    Not sure about "if it was delivered for stable solution" already or not, but F-Secure have technologies to do that.

    There probably between "tab"/"bookmarks" can be same troublepoint as Firefox design, which by internal reason... created connection (by somewhat reason) each time when you target bookmark or when tab/most visited pages-picture refreshed. With my stable solution (or I not sure how to repeat this trouble) or it was fixed (I do not use Firefox.. and just today installed Firefox - so there fresh extension for Firefox, which can to help normal recognize f/p connections for Banking Protection triggers. I think, but not sure).


    About second point:


    With my experience about Stripe.com. I do not able to repeat this from first.

    But indeed.. when I finally goes to "page" about features of stripe.com (like category under main page). This is will trigger Banking Protection. And login/sign-in page will be not totally visible.

    But I can to repeat this... when Banking Protection is disabled too; Because I use Content blocker (as Parental Feature/Browsing Protection part) for blocking "Unknown content"-category. So... login-page (and some of other pages under stripe.com) not rated by F-Secure Security Cloud. Resources, third-party URLs, their URLs or something else... have "unknown" rating and it will be blocked.

    When Banking Protection is active....  there is design to block all not trusted connections. I think "unknown rated pages/URLs/resources/remote-scripts" most likely can be blocked too (because they do not marked as "safe" for banking; at least.. because some of URLs just do not have ratings yet). I not re-check which resources there blocked. But "there more" unrated resources under stripe.com, than it blocked by Banking Protection.


    I also re-check it with another system, where installed tp/beta-solution of F-Secure. And I do not get Banking Protection flyer under any of pages stripe.com. But I also have there some of specific settings under my main browser (which maybe related there). Or maybe with beta/tp this situation fixed already. If yes.. so maybe just next part update/upgrade can be helpful for stable solution too.


    Sorry for my reply.


    Maybe someone else to re-check it more.

    And of course... maybe this is just can be helpful to get normal response by F-Secure. But also maybe if there certainly "stable" steps for repeat your experience.... maybe you able just to create Support Ticket for F-Secure Support. And they can to validate it (if it known/fixed or something else).

  • Ukko
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    Sorry for my small adition about previous words (around stripe.com and tp/beta experience).


    I able to repeat banking protection flyer under some stripe.com pages with TP F-Secure solution too.

    But just when Browsing Protection extension works (or something else, which can be around this extension or HTTPS support).


    Potentially this is mean.. that maybe some of URLs just "added" to BP-trigger (like improvement, which can to comes by extension-support / help for Banking Protection). Or just mistake in that design (but if there is payment-system page.. so maybe this is not a mistake).


    And about broken login page at visit with Banking Protection (or by Content Blocker with unknown-content-category). At least.. looks like stripe.com using something like CDN for their purpose (as stripecdn.com - which will be unrated by F-Secure), which can be blocked during Banking Protection (or by Content Blocker with my experience) - but there also a lot of third party things (how I can to understand - around scripts, track-systems, components... which can be partly blocked.. as it required connection with this resources).


    Sorry, thanks.

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