Subscription problem: app wont allow to register code

Im having problems with both android phone and tablet. Freedome app wont allow me to write the code in when installing the app but instead autorenewal becomes active immediately. Where is the option to stop autorenewal and register a pre-purchased code?


  • My app store subscription will expire today and I still have not recieved the opportunity to type in the multi device code I have.
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    Hi Jonttsu,


    This sounds similar to the post here.


    There is a 3-7 day grace period to enter the new license code after your app store license expires, depending on the length of the subscription the user had. This is mainly due to the reason that we don't get the information from the App store right away if the user has renewed the subscription or not; and we want to avoid double billing the users.

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    Nice secure
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    Hi @Jonttsu,


    Just following up with your query above. Were you able to validate your license on your device?

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