While FreeDOME was updating I noticed weird hosts appearing

I'm using FIddler. Here's the hosts which appeared while FreeDOME was updating and not ON: http://bqkdbqdlgdrcba/ http://cqvyndcvoyi/ http://vcjayudqcqai/ http://fnkzaasy/ http://elydcifdezc/ Any clue what these could be? The feel scary but I'm not sure. RON


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    Hi Ron,


    I know nothing about Freedome, but if you wanted to submit the links / hosts to the F-Secure labs for analysis, you can do so here:  Submit Sample.

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    Hi @RonInNY and @Simon,


    I have now moved this post to the Freedome board.

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    Is there a link to this on the Board?

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    Hi RonInNY,


    The whole post is moved to the Freedome. You can just reply to this post for further communication.


    You can always come to the Freedome board and notice your post subject for navigating.


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