F-Secure 16.3 stops e-mails when on-line banking and another problem


Runing Windows 10 Home (up to date), Mozilla Firefox 48.0.1 and Windows Live Mail Version 2012 (Build 16.4.3528.0331).


For a while now F-secure 16.3 and probably earlier versions has been annoying in 2 ways which may be related.

1.  If I open my Internet Banking with Mozilla Firefox all is well and the F-secure banking protection banner opens up virtually hidden at the top of the screen, so far so good.  When I open Windows Live Mail at the same time it complains it can't connect to the e-mail server.  If I close internet banking and the banner also disappears, I can send & receive and e-mails download fine.  What can I do about this if anything ?


2.  Usually, but not always, after the issue described above has happened,  when I go back into internet banking, my login screen is half the width it was when I last closed the Firefox internet banking window.


Is there any fixes for these issues?  Thanks.


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    Sorry for my reply.


    About first point (as my suggestion):


    Not sure, but probably for some of mail-clients (or with some specific background) this situation was fixed with some of releases (probably your build.. should be with this). So.. if this is not work in fact (and if it should to work) -- maybe there can be Support ticket for F-Secure.


    But also maybe (not sure) this is can be as design situation.

    So... and if it like that... you maybe able to use some workarounds like: Under main UI of F-Secure should be "Browsing Protection"-module. With settings for BP-module.. there should be.. part/tab about Banking Protection.

    This is should be with option, which called something like "do not interrupt active network connection" -- maybe it can be helpful.


    How I can to understand design there... that any fresh connection (after Banking Protection flyer is active) will be blocked. You able to get "not blocking"-status for connections, which already was there. Maybe mail clients can be under this limitation (like previously established connection) and current option (which "checked" status) can be helpful.


    But basically... I think mail-clients should be as "trusted one" applications (or something like that). And will be allowed to create/receive letters.


    Sorry for my long reply. Maybe you just have to get normal response by F-Secure team.

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    Hi @archer_oldie and @Ukko,


    Just to inform you both, I have moved this post to the SAFE board.

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