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I have now been trying to resolve a problem with my registration since a month . I keep writing support,but can not answer directly to the questions that support  writes back.This causes further delay, since I have to contact support again via the support apply botton,and the problem is still not resolved.

Then I get these e-mails from customer care asking if my problem has been resolved. I can not answer these e-mails either.

I hope that someone within this organisazion will realize that this way of interacting with customers is frustrating and not solving anything. 

Right now I feel that I waisted lots of time, energy and money on a product that doesn`t work. 

I am writing this message not to be impolite, but simply as a last attempt to get my registration key and be able to add family members.






  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser
    Is there a reason why you cannot reply to responses from the support team? From what you have said, it seems they have been trying to help you.
  • anjahanjah Posts: 4
    The reason must be technical, since I get the e- mails back with the notice that I can not reply to cotumer care but only through support. Support has still not solved the problem. But thanks for the attempt to help. Technical Help is however most useful when it solves problems.
  • anjahanjah Posts: 4
    By the way, since you are master chief...of something, perhaps you can let me have my registration key?
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    No, that's just a title given because I've made so many posts on the forum.  I'm afraid no one here can help with licensing issues, for privacy and security reasons, so you will have to go via the Support Ticket route, but once you have raised the support request, and they have responded with a support reference number, you should be able to reply to that email.


    I'm saying this without knowing what your problem actually is.  I assume you've read the FAQs on how to register a product via the SAFE Portal?

  • anjahanjah Posts: 4
    Thanks Simon for your time. I have contacted support now via phone and will have to start all over from that point. All in all , i like f- secure but must add that the product hardly lives up to the given standards, if costumers still have problems adding family members after 2 months off registratuon and failed communication. Thanks again madter chief Smiley Happy and have a lively day
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