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Nach Reparatur meiner defekten Festplatte mußte alles neu installiert werden.  Ich habe versucht, den F-SECURE BOOSTER mit meinem noch gültigen Key zu reinstallieren; das wurde abgelehnt mit der Behauptung, ich überschritte meine Lizenz und mein Abo (29... € für einen PC) und versuchte den den Booster auf einem weiteren Computer zu installieren, was nicht stimmt. 

Was tun?

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    Hi and welcome to our Community, @keiner.


    Could you please post your question in English so that we can assist you further?

  • keinerkeiner Posts: 3

    After a complete breakdown of my PC, FS-Booster had disappeared form the  hard disc, and I could not reinstall it with the propper key, because the programm refused it   -    telling me that I were illegally trying  to install FS- Booster on a further computer.  I didn't do that!!   Who   could know or be able to pretend that I did??...  So please tell me what I have to do and try  the REinstallation with the  licens and  the key I have  -  or with a different key and license you  please propose me...

    Thank you:  Jörg Kühne 

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    Hi Jörg,


    Thanks for your update. Could you please send me a private message of your subscription code for Booster along with the error message so that I can check further?

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    my BOOSTER susciption code is this:


    Thank you for helping me!   Jörg Kühne


    EDIT: Removed License information

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