Fear as a marketing tool and it is very effective.

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I posted a few things, ok more than a few about my concern for the safety of those I love and I think about security systems and firearms (guns) and my thoughts why should you even worry like that? I am trying to find a place where your primary concern is, of course, secure all your personal data and webcams. If you have a wife or daughters, the last thing you need is some pervert hacking those cams and spying on you all.


I am thinking WHY does it have to be that you would have to make your home into a fortress? It is nice to do it anyway but, what if you did not HAVE to do it because where you live is really nice and safe. You do not have to agree with any of the posts I made here but, I hope they at least make you think and ask the question. I am just wondering why are things the way they are where I live? Just a thought.

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