A simple concept on why America should have a free college program as well.

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What I do not understand is if you are to the right of politics in America then you say no freebies. I totally agree no freebies as in no free cell phone or anything else that is superficial. If you go to school for a genuinely good degree, then tuition should be free. This is how that should work and why it should be that way in America too.

The more educated and capable the per

Son the higher income they earn. The higher your income then you are taxed more. The US Government gets two advantages from this: One you are an asset to make the country more educated overall. Then the US Government gets more tax revenue not just from the more money you make.


The greater education allows US Companies to be more competitive because they have better-educated employees and thus can be more competitive worldwide and gain a much higher GDP by being simply the best-staffed company they can be.


The final thing is so many of us even without realizing it or not are on Government benefits and the less you make, the more the US Government subsidizes your cost of living and healthcare, and this is a good thing. This helps those with lower paying Jobs have a high quality of life. Though what if more of those people were educated and uplifted by social service programs THAT WORK as in Nordic Countries. Then when they rise higher in education and income they make more money so yes they are taxed more but, the burden on the US budget and taxpayer is lifted because those people are now helping themselves. 


I am posting this because I think that I used to think that I knew the best way after so many years of being a Paramedic etc.. That is not true at all because there is always something you can learn from everyone and you should never stop learning even if you are not in school and have finished school. That feeling of I at least know for sure of all things are completely gone. I remember that I saw a documentary on Norway and that Police do not even have to carry weapons on their person! That could not be possible in the US and that is not because the Police in my area are bad. It is that and I which I could explain this but, people are not well, I do not know why things are violent here even in the nicest places to live. I do not care about that statistics now but, if I am ever at all blessed enough with a wife and some children. You simply want them to be as safe and happy as possible. It may be the case that the kids will become master Snowman craftsman :).


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The real confusing facts is that in the heartland of America people who are truly good and follow religion with their family. Those areas tend to be very low on crime but, the Nordic values must really help because despite a lower amount of activity religiously all of Nordic society does not just fall completely apart! People are nice to each other and do not hurt each other and this is something that I find hard to fathom but, the data is there to prove otherwise.

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