lacks the option to renew subscription with a code

Hi, Any guidance - I previously had a 2 device subscription of F-Secure SAFE that I would like to upgrade to 3 device 2 year subscription with a license code bought from a retail store. The instructions tell me to input the campaign name and subscription code in "Orders and payments" page by pressing "Renew existing subscription with a code". That button is missing from my All I have is "Renew Now" which fails (puts in automatic order through cleverbridge). I've tried contacting F-Secure technical support after trying to get something out from Cleverbridge support, all to no avail. Please advise?


  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser

    When did you contact F-Secure Support?  Was it via a Support Ticket?  I have to say, we've had other people on here with a similar issue concerning the 'missing' button, but unless I've missed it, I don't recall seeing any feedback with solutions.  Hopefully someone from F-Secure will read this and comment on here, which may also benefit others.

  • zippperzippper Posts: 2
    Yep! I posted a support ticket a few days back. No response yet...
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    I have highlighted about your post in the support request, @zippper. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

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