Physical Home Security Solutions by F-Secure?

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We can have the best anti-virus in the world and even be able to track who those people are down. The problem I have is I have a Simplisafe security system that simply tends not to work. My family and their safety is my first priority not just people who can steal your passwords or credit card numbers. Does anyone know a Finnish security system firm or a Nordic firm that I can get for my house? Even if I pay Euros and support is limited the situation I am in now is that I purchased all these modules for house security and none of them work despite "help" from the Simplisafe company. It seems also I am the only one with such bad problems. I am desperate for a Nordic personal and home security that I hope works over here. I love all these people so very much and the better the system I can get, well the better :). Thanks so much.


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    Thank you for the lookout and help Lash. I guess no one has any suggestions or ideas for a better home security solution. I have this system called SImplisafe and it keeps failing me by dropping sensors. I think if you have people you love and not so much the material things which while stolen or vandalized stinks. I hate a System that can be Hacked, and I contact the Manufacturer, and they are aware of it? So I understand that you can not divulge how a system works but, it is easy to figure out with this system that the sensors connect through radio frequency it can just like the Security Cameras, and everything else is compromised.


    This is that systems website and you are not Simply safe if someone can compromise it, are you? I am going to sell it or something because they kept contacting me that my charges for their service would not go through. I felt like saying people in Hell want Ice Water but, until you patch a hole in a security system, we can forget the payment monthly of 24.99 US.


    Here is their website and if any of you can figure out how I could patch this whole here at this link simply amazing guys:

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