F-SAFE FOR MAC doesn't update since 4 days ago...

It doesn't work.

Tried reinstalling it after uninstalling (2 times), rebooting the Mac, nothing.

What's happening? Running Yosemite.






  • Enfcmedic384Enfcmedic384 Posts: 181 Enthusiast

    Go to downloads and get the support tools. They have a specific download for fusa reset. I think by using this file you should be able to initaite an update plus Database reset. If that does not work please let me know.

  • ste1977ste1977 Posts: 3
    Thank you but it seems the support told are available for Windows and Linux only.
    Is it correct?
    Thank you.
  • YosoYoso Posts: 1

    Hi ste1977,

    How did you end up solving this?

    I am having the same issue as you did - cannot get SAFE to update itself on my iMac.


    Great if you can reply Smiley Happy

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