F-Secure says my site is harmful


Ugh. Take this as a rant, a warning, or whatever, but I am so frustrated right now.

We use F-Secure as our internet security system, and have for years without any problems.

Yesterday, they prompted us to download the new 2010 version, upgrading us free (at least till our licence renews in November).

All went well... it added (without asking me, which was a little annoying) a toolbar to firefox AND IE, with a shield, site monitor and a report button. (So now it takes more space on my toolbars... but I'll not rant about that one too much).

Anyway, today I went to log into one of my sites to do a mailing to my affiliates regarding a new site I just announced.

F-Secure *blocked* my access, telling me the site was harmful!


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