F-Secure blocking my website?


Hi there


Recently I was alerted how F-secure is blocking my website (http://prnt.sc/c30wzv).

I run a danish Minecraft community, with Enjin as my CMS.




How do I go about getting unblocked?
Honestly I can't really see why I would be blocked in the first place, but I would gladly alter anything that would get me unblocked.


Kind regards



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    Most helpful (under F-Secure SAS) will be also to choose option like "I want to give more words" (where you able to add mail for feedback and description about situation). And transferred URL certainly like f/p-detection about your URL (which marked as malicious maybe randomly).


    I think that maybe if there community - maybe was some of resources/URLs or (just potentially) vulnerabilities (which exploited by someone)... and this certain "resource" (place) triggered malicious rating... but rating comes for full website.


    Sorry for reply.

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