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Hi, we are located in Singapore and have a fast fiber connection which on my Windows PC provides measured actual speed of around 200Mbs (on Ookla) however when I turn on Freedome on speed diminishes to 20 Mbs (Freedome Singapore server) and even worse to 2-3 Mbs ( Freedome Finland server).

I know that the virtual VPN connection slows down the connection speed but to me that seems too dramatic. I am not trying to get maximum speed but just enough to watch live video for which 2-3 Mbs is unfortunately too slow. At the same time without Freedome I get measured actual speed of about 130 Mbs to a server in Finland.


Anything I could do/try settingswise to improve the situation? I am Running Windows 8.1 with McAfee (which controls also Windows Firewall)

Freedome version is the newest 1.5.3284.0



  • Laksh
    Laksh Posts: 4,443 Former F-Secure Employee

    Welcome to our Community, Melting_Snowman,


    Have you tried a few other locations and do you notice the same slow speed with them as well?


    You can refer to this article which explains how to interpret the speedtests.

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