Problem of port with freedom

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First of all, please forgive in advance my poor technical english in computers Smiley Sad


My problem is the following. When I've bought Freedome, I had a box and everything was working well.


Because of several problems, I've obliged to change this box for another (same provider). For different reasons, I have to exchange different files. We did it by bittorrent. Since I've change my box, it's very difficult and volatile. The port I use for bittorrent and my box is 50500. Is it possible to do something on Freedome firewall to authorize this port permanently? For information, my location on Freedome is in France and I live in France too, sometimes the location of the provider is sometimes unknown, sometimes in Germany.


Many thanks in advance for your help. I'm lost and this situation is prejudicial for the use I need.


Kind regards to all



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