VPN running but my IP address is not using VPN gateway?

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Today I noticed that Twitter was reporting that I was logging in from different IP addresses. I run freedome vpn 24x7 and have the "always on" option enabled. I am using an iPhone 6s running 9.3.4.


I just went to whatsmyip.com and they reported an IP that was not reported as an Freedome gateway although freedome was running.



I changed my server from USA-East Coast to USA-South: sever/assigned IP addresses stay the same although the server names change (is that normal?) but IP address reported as freedome gateway. Now I'm feeling as though my VPN is working as it should. Can someone explain to me what's going on?



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    I think f-secure may rented server by their partner to improve their effciency of the service.  

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    Hi Shiggy,


    Thanks for highlighting the issue with us.


    After some investigation, we noticed that the issue is due to the iOS operating system's VPN settings which does not always update the IP addresses and connection time when you change the VPN servers. If you kill the VPN settings app (double-click the home button on the iPhone/iPad and swipe down the settings app) and restart it, you’ll see the correct IP addresses there.


    Based on your screenshots, all the IP's seen in your screenshot are indeed our Freedome IP address. As seen from your IP address and information, Freedome is working correctly.


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