Being anonymous? Maybe not

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Looking at an article on torrent freak

The question was:
Do you keep ANY logs which would allow you to match an IP-address and a time stamp to a user of your service? If so, exactly what information do you hold and for how long?

do not keep any such logs. If ever required by law under a jurisdiction, we would implement such a system, but only where applicable and keeping storage time to the minimum required by law of that respective jurisdiction. Note also that no registration is required to use our service, so any log information would generally map to an anonymous, random user ID (UUID) and the user’s public IP address.

So in effect the service isn't anonymous at all as the public IP address would be checked against the ISP which would then in turn reveal the person in question.

Do you not think in general this is a little misleading?


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    Hi NARL,


    We naturally have to know the real IP address of the device to be able to communicate with it. However, as we typically have hundreds of concurrent users on all our servers; and as we don’t log what our users do online or which sites/services they use, we cannot identify them.

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