Freedome throttles connection speed while dowloading something from Steam

I have problem with Freedome. My connection speed goes really slow while im trying to download something from Steam application. Speed drops to around 70KBps and while downloading websufring is impsobbile because no websites load. While not downloading anything from Steam, speed is normal and speedtest gives 40/20Mbps. Also downloading from any website does not affect speed and i can get that 40Mbps speed too and surf web same time. Steam works ok while freedome is not on. Problem started few weeks ago and before that it did just work fine. Changing server did not help eather. Distance should not be problem as Client to VPN to Steam content server distance is less tham 200km. So im wondering what could do this problem or is f-secure just some reason throling Steam traffic down?


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    Hi 2fast,


    Please find similar posts about Steam and Freedome here and here. It might be the case that they are using restrictions to block the access from VPN's.

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    But how would that affect to whole connection? Sounds weird that some service coulda affect all your other connections if they are limiting bandwitch from their end?

  • It is not STEAM that blocks or slows down network traffic must be F-Secure. While downloading with Steam at 70kbits/sec. Websurfing is impossible here aswell. Try Hotspot Shield and Steam Downloads will work at normal speed.


    Sure F-Secure making it up to Steams fault but Hotspot shield would not work if Steam would slow down VPN connection.


    Another thing is how could STEAM affect that browsing the web is also nearly impossible altough download speeds are slowed down to 70kbits/sec???



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    Unbelieveble hard to get techincal answer from here? Half year without anwser.. Pritty hard to recommend this piece of softawre if you are possibly blocking steam intentionally or this software can't hande Steams tcp traffic and kills whole connection. Also useless to pay software you can't use ever. Steam is alwayse on many people using it so it does pritty much eliminate freedome from competition against other VPNs.

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    Hi 2fast,


    Our Freedome team is suspecting that Steam downloads games with some P2P protocol like BitTorrent and it triggers our BitTorrent blocking. Could you please try this and report us the results?


    1. Connect Freedome to Finland (where BitTorrent is allowed)

    2. Make sure the Freedome speed is normal and not slow (i.e. the bittorrent blocking isn’t already triggered)

    3. Try to download from Steam

    4. Check if the speed is still normal

    5. If it is normal, connect Freedome to any of the USA locations (where BitTorrent is blocked)

    6. Make sure the Freedome speed is normal and not slow (i.e. the bittorrent blocking isn’t already triggered)

    7. Try to download from Steam

    8. Check if the speed is now slow

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