How do I deactivate a device from my subscription?

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I purchased an Freedome 12 months for 3 devices subscription. It's currently activated on 2 iOS and 1 Windows PC.


I'd like to deactivate the PC and replace it with another iOS device, how do I do that? By the way I've already tried uninstalling the app from the PC and then activate on iOS but was informed that my devive quota was still full.


In addition why in do I not see any subscription info? I can view purchase details via but where do I manage the subscription?


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    seriousnewb Posts: 2 New Member

    Okay, I somehow managed to setup a "transfer" by reactivating the PC version on the PC I no longer needed to use the service on. The in-app messaging was confusing as it seems to note that I was transferring a licence on to the PC, which I didn't fully understand. Anyway it seemed to reset the subscription so I was then able to activate the iOS device.


    It would appear that I now have (as part of a 3 device sub) 1 x PC and 1 x iOS device active with 1 more slot still free. Although I no longer wish to use on PC. Can the iOS app not support the same transfer options or have I missed something? 

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    Hi seriousnewb,


    Welcome to our Community!


    We do have the license transfer option with Freedome as mentioned in this article here. However, this option is not yet available in iOS. That is the reason, you were able to see the license transfer in your pc but not in your iOS device.


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